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11:52 am - Fri, March 17 2017
Gene Hetland said:
Rural churches are special and, yes, sacred places for those of us who trace our faith foundation to any of them. For me, it is St. Peter Lutheran Church of Orland (rural Madison). Four generations of my family rest in the cemetery, including my parents. Sadly, St. Peter will close the Sunday after Easter. But plans are in the works to re-purpose the building as a community center. My memories of an active faith community will never fade, even though we call another place our "church home."
11:48 pm - Tue, May 23 2017
Carolyn Cornie said:
My great grandfather, Hans Nasheim, was one of the founders of St. Peters. He is buried in the Cemetery. I am most anxious to learn any information about him and/or his family. His son, Elmer was my Grandfather. I also need the dates of his birth and death...but cannot find them anywhere.

Any help...greatly appreciated.

Any best wishes for this congregation as its takes its Mission in a new direction.

Carolyn Cornie
03:05 pm - Thu, June 8 2017
Lita Durr said:
I'm interested in any information and pix of a little country church way out on the plains of South Elrod, South Dakota. There is no town, just prairie and maybe a little grave yard beside it? We always passed through DeSmet on our way home from church. My Dad was the pastor between 1960-1966 approx.

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