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02:30 pm - Thu, December 27 2012
Heidi said:
My home away from home :)
02:50 pm - Thu, December 27 2012
Laura said:
Totem Head looks cold. I'd knit him giant earwarmers, but he doesn't have any ears. Giant side-of-head warmers, maybe?
03:18 pm - Thu, December 27 2012
*Just Fran* said:
Laura, I think Totem Head needs a giant stocking cap.
08:06 am - Fri, December 28 2012
Rebecca said:
How pretty!
06:39 pm - Wed, January 16 2013
Carol Meyer said:
BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! From Florida!!
07:30 pm - Thu, January 24 2013
Dianne said:
It's nice to see someone is taking care of the old neighborhood. I was born in Yankton and grew up 1/2 block east of there in the 1950s and 60s. I walked by those homes every day and knew some of the people who lived there, but never knew they were historic. Love the magazine.

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