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09:44 am - Thu, April 19 2012
Cindy Hauk said:
What an awsome job on the photes, Teresa!!!!!!
10:14 am - Thu, April 19 2012
Janelle Cotrone said:
I could not believe that I was looking at those pictures.. It was looking into once of my alums Teresa.. I have family in Groton and I go out there in the fall and take pictures.. I have the same school house and barns.. Amsden Dam.. Crazy... My relatives are the Fey's.

05:15 pm - Thu, April 19 2012
Bill Klapperich said:
Beautiful photos. The barn ones remind me of spending time playing with Aunt Pat and watching Uncle Larry shoot baskets in the barn loft on St. Peter's when I was little. It's not there anymore. I vividly remember these things, I just can't remember stuff from this morning. LOL
07:20 pm - Thu, April 19 2012
Julie Babbe said:
Teresa - These are stunning. My grandfather, Gilbert Babbe, owned and operated the pool hall in Turton. My grandmother, Mary Babbe, always considered Annie Barrie one of her dearest friends. When I was little, I thought Annie was one of my grandmas!
12:43 pm - Wed, April 20 2016
Kay Becker Britten said:
Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for seeing the beauty of treasures in our countryside.
01:33 pm - Wed, April 20 2016
Ila M Rigwald (nee Martin) said:
These photos are wonderful. I was born and raised in Turton, The picture of the school brings back memories of attending Kindergarten and 2nd grade in the Mannie School, located SE of Turton.
01:55 pm - Wed, April 20 2016
KarenThelen George said:
Beautiful pictures , I was born and raised in the area and the scenes are the ones I have in my mind. It was a wonderful place to grow up and a wonderful childhood. There aren't places like these any more, except back there. And don't forget the smell, it has a smell and scent all of it's own, wonderful
04:29 pm - Wed, April 20 2016
Sharry Schneider said:
Great photos and I love old barns....They bring back many memories....
09:13 am - Tue, August 9 2016
Jacqui Dikken, née Hanson said:
i lived in Turton 68 or so years ago. I remember a school that had grades 1-6 on main floor and upper grades upstairs. Just drove thru there for old times sake! Wasn't there a cafe on Main Street?
10:31 am - Fri, April 5 2019
Bradley W. McPartland said:
My grandfather Joseph McPartland was born on May 31,1891 I'm interested about any other families in the area that might be relatives, on Joe. If anyone with info. of the McPartland name, I would very much like to know anything that might more the orgin of the name. My e-mail address is as follow thank for anything.

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