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'Lord of the Lake' — photo by <a href='' target='_blank'>Chad Coppess</a>.
"Lord of the Lake" — photo by Chad Coppess.

South Dakota Web Roundup

Nov 16, 2012


Fighting elk and howling coyotes — Chad Coppess recently experienced a perfect morning for wildlife watching at Wind Cave National Park.

Speaking of coyotes, Pat Powers thinks this could be a good weekend for coyote hunting. Vermillion grads will no doubt have their sights set on rabbit.

Snow and blue geese flew through the Redfield area this week. If you’ve ever wondered what a sky full of geese looks and sounds like, visit Kathleen Taylor’s blog

The Outdoor Campus has a cautionary tale of when wildlife gets a little too wild.  

Feel like you’re lacking in wildlife? Pay a visit to Custer State Park’s auction on Saturday. You could go home with a live buffalo!



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