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A Waterfall in Union County?

May 4, 2011

Does East Union Creek in southeast South Dakota have a scenic little waterfall? I searched for awhile yesterday evening but to no avail.

The search began when I was in Elk Point earlier in the day, working on an article there. An old-timer told me about some historic spots in Union County, and he said one of the prettiest places was a waterfall on the creek which is in the northern part of Union County somewhere northwest of a Union Creek Lutheran Church — which I did happen to find. But I figure the waterfall — if there is one — is further north than I was.

My source seems like too nice a fellow to have sent me on a wild goose chase. And all his other tips were right where he said they were — old churches, stagecoach stops, historic cemeteries, backroads to the Missouri River, and so on.

Union County is a beautiful place to travel in springtime. The rolling hills near Union County State Park and the Big Sioux River are little-known treasures to most South Dakotans. But whether there's a waterfall or not remains to be seen.


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