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06:27 pm - Thu, December 17 2015
I will look forward to hearing about this next year but am hoping it will be earlier in the season when I get the notice. I think this is a really neat thing you are doing. It would be a wonderful family tradition! Corrected e mail address, my fingers travel too fast!
04:35 pm - Sat, November 25 2017
I enjoyed the spiritual experience at the North store Friday November 24th 2017! I will be going back! The Holy Spirit spoke loudly to everyone there and it wasn't Dodge field experience! Bet experience I've had in my life! Please folks join me in celebrating in this location Holy Spirit speaking about the spirit of Christmas! There is nothing better than this experience has small town grocery store! The Lord continually works in the Holy Spirit speaks! I want to thank Mike Peterson for a wonderful experience and yes the Lord continually Works in our hearts and our minds and our souls who has proven last night at a little country grocery store thanks Mike Peterson.
12:56 pm - Mon, December 4 2017
Ruth Ann McManus said:
Mike is absolutely one of Gods disciples of today. You leave the store feeling better than when you get entered. What a great place to get uplifted. Thanks Mike

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