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Art of Healing

Jan 6, 2012

Sixteen people begin teaching new fine arts classes in Yankton this month. They're all volunteers with the Art of Healing program started by Amy Miner, executive director of the Yankton Area Arts Association.

Art of Healing is in partnership with the Avera Sacred Heart Cancer Center and is offered free for cancer survivors or those undergoing treatment. Students may choose from classes like ballroom dancing, drawing, calligraphy, wine making, poetry and sculpture. I’ll be teaching a six-week session on yoga for beginners starting next week. Each class is small and personal. Participants can bring a relative, co-survivor, or caregiver for support. And this is not a time to worry about talent or ability. The classes are for exploration, discovery and having fun.

The initial response to the program has been slow, but Miner is optimistic. She is also a breast cancer survivor and taught guitar lessons for a similar program while living in Hawaii. “The Hawaiians celebrate this wonderful concept called kahi’au, which simply means to give what goodness and talent you have freely with no expectation of any return,” says Miner. It’s a beautiful concept. I look forward to teaching with this program and watching it grow. Besides, Miner says it will be good for my karma. So I guess it’s not entirely without compensation.

If you would like to take part in the Art of Healing Program as a student or volunteer, call or email Amy at 665-9754 and Participants can sign up for as many or few classes as they would like. Please pass this information along if you know of anyone who could benefit!


10:10 am - Fri, January 6 2012
Laura said:
Neat program. I'll be interested in hearing about your experiences with it, Rebecca. I've been talking about it with the ladies in my knitting group, and we may do a little teaching in the next session.
11:34 am - Fri, January 6 2012
Rebecca said:
That is a great idea!

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