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Colton Trooien would warm the heart of any editor.
Colton Trooien would warm the heart of any editor.

Welcome, Young & All

Dec 23, 2014

All our readers are special, but Colton Trooien is really high on our list this Christmas. Here’s the deal.

We get thousands of new readers every year at holiday time. Most are parents and grandparents, people rooted in their communities. We work really hard to get the magazine in front of high schoolers and college students. And we appreciate every one of the above.

So why is Colton so special? Well, when asked what he wanted for Christmas he didn’t say an X-box or an electric train or a new bicycle. He’s eight years old. A third grader at Deubrook Elementary School in Toronto.

And what does he want for Christmas? A gift subscription to SOUTH DAKOTA MAGAZINE.

Colton’s grandma Marie Trooien and Santa Claus alerted us to his Christmas wish. Marie says he’s a special kid who loves geography and discovered South Dakota Magazine at a book sale.

He and his folks are related to Trygve Trooien, the Astoria farmer who collects farm overalls and occasionally stages an Overalls Fashion Show. So Colton’s roots run deep in South Dakota.

We are privileged to have him join the ranks of our illustrious readers.

Welcome to Colton, and to all of you who are receiving South Dakota Magazine as a Christmas gift this week.


02:42 pm - Wed, December 24 2014
Dan and Carol said:
Colton is a special kid and proud to call him our grandson!!
02:14 pm - Fri, December 26 2014
violet said:
He is a super cool kid that can relate to any age. We and all of the other members of his/our church love him. He greets us with a smile and a 'hello'. What a guy!

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