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11:33 am - Wed, June 22 2016
Mary Lohr said:
I love how historians have placed signs indicating where the different homes were located, including the surnames of the owners. My husband's grandfather Jacob Lohr owned a blacksmith shop in Esmond in the 1930s and may have sold it to Irene Aughenbaugh's father Asa Heabirland if this sign is correct and in successive ownership listing.
01:52 pm - Wed, June 22 2016
Alberta Walls Moore said:
Lee Walls, 93, was born and raised in/by Esmond. He resides in his own home just 7 miles north of town. At this time he plans to attend--just like every other year. Many of his relatives attend as well.
04:33 pm - Wed, June 22 2016
Violet wicks said:
Congratulations Esmond on your Homecoming Celebration. Sorry I won't be able to be there. Hope you have a big crowd. God Bless you all.
07:05 pm - Wed, June 22 2016
Ed said:
A lot of water under the bridge since I started school there in 1942.
07:02 am - Fri, June 24 2016
Jim Aughenbaugh said:
The Aughenbaughs from Nebraska will be there! I am the grandson of Hiland and Irene.
05:10 pm - Sat, June 25 2016
Julie waldner said:
I am the artist , it is an honor to be there
12:15 pm - Sat, September 23 2017
Bill Walls said:
My name is Bill Walls. My dad grew up in Esmond. his name Allan Walls. His Parents were Bill and Dorothy Walls. My dad told me so many stories about growing up in Esmond in the 30's. I believe Bill was a barber in town. I live in Nashville Tn. Would love to come to homecoming and see the land and people he loved so much. I have a couple of drawings that were given to him by Artist Harvey Dunn when he came to the area to find subjects to paint. Those drawings caused me to pursue art at an early age. Is the homecoming every year or every couple of years. Thank you for any information.
03:55 pm - Sat, October 28 2017
Wayne Deming said:
My great grandfather Frank Forrest Deming and his wife Berta Crandon Sheets lived in Esmond around 1901 and later. Does anyone know of him or any of his children or relatives . My fathers name was John Avery Deming and I think he was born there.
03:05 pm - Wed, November 1 2017
Kyle J Dahl said:
I now know where to go for ghost hunting!
07:23 pm - Sat, February 3 2018
2018 Esmond Homecoming
June 24, 2018
Church 10:30am
Catered meal to follow in Esmond Hall
10:19 am - Tue, June 19 2018
George Hubert said:
Please remember Henry and Louie and Pieter, twins who served on USS LST523 duriing WWII. They were killed when their ship hit a mine. They were united 74 years later when dna discovered they were twin brothers.They are buried in the American Cemetery above Omaha Beach.

They were from Edmond S,D, according to the article on Fox News Jun 19, 2018.

10:23 am - Tue, June 19 2018
George Hubert said:
Last name should be Pieper, sorry for the error.
05:35 pm - Fri, July 26 2019
Linda said:
To Wayne Deming: II know a lot about Martha Crandon Sheets' ancestors. She is the daughter of George Sheets and DeEtte Barker, his second wife. George is brother to my ggf, David F. Sheets, and son of John Metcalf Sheets and Eveline Rawson. David Sheets name is on the sign in front of the Esmond Methodist Church as founder with brother Horace and another lady. All the Sheets lived in Esmond from about 1882/3 to 1902. George Sheets and famiiy stayed in DeSmet and George and DeEtte are buried there. Don't know about Martha and husband. The rest of the Sheets left for Pomona in So. California where I was born. We visited Esmond/Iroquois twice about 2002 and 2003. I think I have a map showing George Sheets' land. His name is on a sign in Esmond showing ther former location of his house. Contact me at
04:49 pm - Tue, October 13 2020
James Proehl said:
I was looking through the chest of family photos and found a small envelope labeled Esmond, SD. My father grew up in Madison, attended Eastern State Normal (DSU today) and taught in several small towns before enlisting in WWII. Several of the photos are well labeled in my father's hand. For example "Basketball Team, Esmond Sch. 1940" or "8th Grade Grads-Esmond Sch De Smet-1939." My dad is one of two adults in this group photo--I'm guessing they took the "Grads" to De Smet. Most of the photos are school related. I'd love to share this collection with someone preserving Kingsbury County history. I work with a museum in Bandon, Oregon and know how happy we are each time we find another piece of the puzzle.
11:53 am - Sat, March 13 2021
Gerald (Jerry) Grotta said:
I was born in Esmond in 1934. My grandparents, Iver and Lasina Grotta, emigrated from Norway in about 1880 and homesteaded just east of Esmond. After WWII broke out we moved to Sioux Falls. My dad Elmer and my oldest sister Phyllis both worked at the Airbase. Dad was a WWI veteran. I think there were about 40,000 people in Sioux Falls and 50,000 soldiers at what became Joe Foss Field. I have so many fond memories of those first eight years and returned to Esmond many times, watching it slowly disappear.
11:34 am - Wed, May 12 2021
Bill Walls said:
Is the Esmond Homecoming going to be held in 2021?
If so, what are the dates?

Thank you
04:45 pm - Sun, November 5 2023
Dave curtis said:
Interested on how the family signs were put in front of each house and buiness
Ive heard they were made from penitentiary in soiux falls not sure at what cost
And how go about getting some made fot the town of quinn sd if anyone out there could steer me in the right direction

Thanks for any help
Dave curtis
Quinn sdl
10:02 am - Thu, May 30 2024
Catherine Dilts said:
My father's family settled in Esmond after emigrating from Norway. I'm looking for info about the cemetery, as several Grotta's are interred there. Will another homecoming be held?

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