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Res Gen Men's Summit 2020 - Sioux Falls

Jan 25, 2020 8:00 am - 2:30 pm

The RES GEN MEN'S SUMMIT is a one-day conference with the mission of challenging men, ages 18 and up, to grow and fulfill their calling as leaders, husbands and fathers. The conference features five dynamic sessions with books and other resources to help men live out what they learn. Last year’s event drew 852 men and we are praying for over 1000 men this year.

Cost: $40 — includes lunch and snacks

CHRIS BROUSSARD is an award-winning journalist for Fox Sports, a published author and the founder of The K.I.N.G. Christian Men’s Movement. He is a husband, a father and an exceptional leader who has the ability to motivate and inspire his audience with exciting new ideas, mindsets, attitudes and solutions. His ability to connect in a meaningful way keeps his message alive long after the event is over.

STUART HALL serves as Director of Leadership and Networking for Orange (ReThink Group) and also leads INFLNSR, an organization whose mission is to fuel the next generation of leaders worth following. Powered by 28+ years of leadership experience, Stuart combines a unique blend of humor, insight and application to impact the thousands of students and adults he speaks to every year. He and his wife Kellee reside north of Atlanta, GA and are the parents of three very active college athlete children.

JASON WILSON is the founder and CEO of the Yunion (pronounced--union), a non-profit youth development organization in Detroit Michigan. As an expert in Emotional Stability Training®, Wilson’s leadership has garnered numerous local and national acknowledgments and awards for his work teaching males how to introspectively confront and conquer their negative emotions with composure. Jason has been married for 20 years, has two children and has 24 years of martial arts experience.

SAMMY ADEBIYI was born and raised in Nigeria and currently lives in Ohio with his wife, Ashley, and four daughters, Bebe, Eden, Nora and Lola. He is the founding pastor of Soma City Church in Toledo and also a national speaker. When Sammy is not enjoying life as a “minority in a sorority,” speaking or working at Soma City, he likes to watch soccer and run over stuff with his Jeep.

TOM HENDERSON is the founder of and lead communicator for Restoration Generation. He is driven by a passion to reach people with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ and help them restore the broken relationships in their lives. He is the author of Heart Not Hype and he speaks to thousands of people every year at music festivals, schools, camps, conferences and other events throughout the country.

JONNIE W. is a comedian and storyteller who entertains audiences nationwide with nothing more than his guitar and razor-sharp wit. He blends musical chops, mad vocals and off-beat standup for a hilariously unique comedy experience.


Location:   Central Church
Map:   3102 West Ralph Rogers Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57108
Phone:   605-929-4969

All Dates:
Jan 25, 2020 8:00 am - 2:30 pm

A conference challenging men to grow and fulfill their calling as leaders, husbands and fathers.

Central Church
Central Church 57108 3102 West Ralph Rogers Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57108
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