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The First Song to the Flood of 2011

Jun 16, 2011

Fill Your Hearts with Love & Your Shovels With Dirt

South Dakotans in the way of the river have been too busy sandbagging, moving furniture and — in a few cases — blaming the Corps of Engineers to find time to reflect. But not everyone.

Kris Kitko, a talented folk singer in North Dakota, has written a hauntingly beautiful song about the ravages of the Missouri in her state. Both the video and the lyrics reflect just as well on South Dakota — except that the prisoners in North Dakota who volunteered their assistance are in stripes rather than orange.

Well-known Pierre artist Jim Pollock is keeping a journal of his community's trials and tribulations. Surely his sketchbook is in a back pocket.

Dave Tunge, South Dakota's best aerial photographer, has been flying his Piper Cub up and down the river valley, shooting images from 1,000 feet.

Fires come and go in hours. Tornadoes in mere minutes. This particular flood will batter us for weeks, and eventually many more artists and songwriters and photographers will find the time and inspiration to try to explain what is happening to the river people.


08:33 am - Thu, June 16 2011
Katie said:
Beautiful song! Thanks for sharing.
12:52 pm - Thu, June 16 2011
Nicole said:
Great song. Nice addition to your site.
12:25 am - Fri, June 24 2011
Jonathan B said:
What a lovely yet haunting song. The images are very intense.

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