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Jerry on his Clay County farm. Photo by Norma Wilson.
Jerry on his Clay County farm. Photo by Norma Wilson.

Historic Farm & Prairie Protected

Apr 25, 2011

Former South Dakota Magazine editor Jerry Wilson made news recently when he and his wife, Norma, donated a perpetual conservation easement on their 143 acre farm to the Northern Prairies Land Trust.

The Wilson farm is located above the Missouri River valley in Clay County. A historic cabin is a part of the property. In fact, a few years ago Jerry recruited famed Arlington "barn straightener" Ray Christensen to help him fix the structure. Named the Severson Cabin, it is recorded on the National Register of Historic Places as the oldest existing house in Clay County. The Wilsons have also worked hard to restore native grasses, protect natural water sources and preserve wildlife habitat on the land.

Jerry — who continues to contribute articles for the magazine, thankfully — writes about the farm in his book Waiting for the Coyote's Call


10:39 am - Sun, June 1 2014
Arrel Toews said:
I'd like to get it touch with Jerry - can either you or Jerry send me his contact information, hopefully an email address?

I am from Kremlin, OK, not far from where Jerry grew up, and have some comments and questions regarding his "American Artery" book ON US-81, which I enjoyed very much.

Thanks for any information!

My best regards -
Arrel Toews

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