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January/February 2020

Huron photographer Aaron Groen specializes in night photography, especially moonscapes. He found this convergence east of Huron and titled it "Idiosyncracy."


Revisiting Round Barns: We check in on these treasures of South Dakota architecture, 25 years after our first search. [read more]

Winter Reader:
 Curl up with short stories by Stephanie Anderson, Eliza Blue and Lori Walsh.

Winter by the River: Yankton's Paul Harens braves the snow and cold to in search of "perfect pictures."

The Beauty of Hermosa: The Custer County town is both a gateway to the Black Hills and to West River's wide-open spaces. [read more]

Modern Storyteller: Oglala artist Donald F. Montileaux draws and writes stories from his Lakota childhood. [read more]

Never Talk to Strangers: Jim Reese shares stories from a life spent teaching writing to South Dakota prisoners. 

Seasons of the Moon: Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve uses Japanese haiku to show the traditional Lakota passage of time.

2020 Guide to Higher Education: When new challenges arise, South Dakota's colleges, universities and tech schools create innovative programming to meet today's needs. [read more]




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