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March/April 2010

Sioux Falls photographer Greg Latza found these pasque flowers a year ago at Altamont Prairie north of Clear Lake. They are a rare and welcome sign of spring.


Fort Pierre's Mix: Suburbanites, cowboys, historians and entrepreneurs co-exist in Stanley County.

Let There Be Less Light: Reveling in South Dakota's night skies. [read more]

Box Elder's Good Eggs: "City chick" Sherri Bolda embraced West River life with a flock of free-range chickens. [read more]

By Man's Hand: Unique man-made places we've explored in 25 years of publishing South Dakota Magazine.

Mountain-made Furniture: Craftsmanship is alive in the Black Hills. [read more]

Wagon Master: A wheelwright near Letcher restores 19th century vehicles to their cowboy-era beauty. [read more]

Dressed for Calving: Lessons learned on a Spink County farm. [read more]

A Lonely Place at Ideal: The Koenigs struggled to forget the tragedy that struck their Tripp County homestead in 1911. [read more]




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