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May/June 2022

Michele Seaman of Piedmont enjoys a moment with her horse and dog on the West River prairie. The photo was taken by Jim Caldwell at last year's Black Hills Photo Shootout.


Lead's International Flavor: A melting pot in the mountains. [read more]

Heroes and Horrors: Mayor Don Barnett remembers the Rapid City Flood of 1972.

Survivors' Stories: Tales from those who lived through the Rapid City Flood.

Closer to the Lord: Faith led the Masters family through incredible heartbreak and an unbelievable miracle.

All That Jazz: These musicians know how to swing.

Art of a Survivor: Drawing helped Nancy Holz heal.

Our Cool Town: An appreciation of Wessington Springs by two native sons.

Catch, Move and Release: Helping anglers one fish at a time. [read more]

Butterfly Week: Finding rare and colorful creatures in the Glacial Lakes country.




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04:16 am - Fri, May 13 2022
earl weidner said:
on butterfly week: a good presentation showing some of our delightful butterfly species-- disappearing. how come? perhaps because of disturbances caused in the food chain dynamics in the plants and animals which are often the results of side affects induced by insecticides and herbicides. extinctions are happening on our planet at a faster rate than they were 100 years ago.. paul ehrlich in his book on extinction--tells a story about a person perched on the wing of an airplane...and as the plane is flying, that person is pulling out the rivets that are holding the wings together--each rivet represents a species disappearing...and eventually one of those pulled rivets...will have a big impact...and whole plane develops big problems... so ehrlich's comment it okay for humans to cause all those his species continues to sour out of control?
12:00 pm - Sun, December 25 2022
Nancy Swier said:
If at all possible I would like to purchase the May-June 2022 issue. YOu can send to Nancy Swier
3707 N Minnesota Ave., Florence AZ 85132

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