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November/December 2009

Michael Forsberg came across this scene in the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands of southwest South Dakota.


Abandoned: Photographer Michael Heintz focuses on old cars. [read more]

Last Legs: Are we doing enough to save South Dakota's endangered species? 

Old Curse, New Hope: Learning how to live with selenium.

Hope for the Range: A new book alerts Westerners to the fragility of the Northern Plains.

Sweet Time: Prison fudge is a holiday tradition. [read more]

Without the School: Life goes on in Isabel. [read more]

The Townskeeper: Philip O'Connor — the last man in Capa. [read more]

Mel & Me: How polio changed two brothers. 

Sturgis Spinoffs: South Dakota innovators keep the motorcycle world humming long after the Sturgis Rally is over. [read more]

History Hunters: Can we stop the illegal artifact trade along the Missouri River valley?

2009 Gift Guide: Unique homegrown and handmade goods for the holidays.




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