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November/December 2021

Hot air balloons lift off from the Stratobowl near Rapid City. Photo by Brittany Newburn


Malchow Plaza: Fire sparked new life for Aberdeen's downtown. [read more]

The Violinist and the Sculptor: Dorothy Comstock Ziolkowski helped launch a Black Hills institution, and then faded into history. [read more]

Don't Judge Frederick by Its Size: Entrepreneurial spirit drives this town of 225.

The Lonely Grave: Buffalo County is getting to know Sarah Kelley, 116 years after her murder.

Finding Frank Ashford: Mysteries abound behind the Brown County artist.

Pickstown: A working-man's town.

Poems About Real Things: Christopher Vondracek puts county stories to verse. 

A 66-County Tree: Isolation inspired a holiday-themed odyssey. [read more]

Holiday Gift Guide: Our annual guide to South Dakota-made products makes gift-giving easy. [read more]




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12:40 pm - Wed, February 2 2022
Kev Kanee said:
Kudos to Paul Higee for bringing a hidden story undergirthing the Crazy Horse Memorial to light (SD Magazine, Nov-Dec 2021). Dorothy Comstock Ziolkowski's support of the memorial her husband, Korczak Ziolkowski, sculpted has been ignored by the State's historians. That should be rectified. Thanks to historian Ruth A Karlen of Rapid City, the support and financial contribution by Dorothy Ziolkowski should be formally acknowledged.

Kev Kanee
05:44 am - Sun, May 29 2022
Laurence Libin said:
Dorothy Comstock (Ziolkowski) was a 1919 graduate of Vassar College and an accomplished violinist.

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