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September/October 2016

A star quilt that shimmers with the wind is part of Dignity, Dale Lamphere's newest sculpture. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.


Bad Roads, Good Roads: A cross-state odyssey on gravel. [read more]

City Renewal by the Bite: Downtown Vermillion is really cooking, thanks to a restaurant renaissance.

Dignity: Dale Lamphere's monumental sculpture is taking shape on a Badlands ranch. 

Deuel County Tradition in a Bowl: Bemis Holland Presbyterian Church's oyster stew dinner has celebrated harvest time for more than 130 years. [read more]

The Good Flood: How irrigation changed the Belle Fourche River valley.

The Big Seven: South Dakota sporting events everyone should experience.

Book Festival Guide: All about the 2016 South Dakota Festival of Books in Brookings.




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