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Our Circulation Director Jana Lane got the 5-point buck that folks from the Jim River valley have been watching since this summer.
Our Circulation Director Jana Lane got the 5-point buck that folks from the Jim River valley have been watching since this summer.

She Shoots Like a Girl

Nov 28, 2011

By Bernie Hunhoff

It takes a lot of people to produce and publish South Dakota Magazine, about a dozen to be exact. And we're proud of every one of them — both for what they do during work hours here at 410 E. Third Street, and also for all they do after hours.

Our staff includes two yoga instructors, a marathon runner, several great chefs, a hockey mom, a Girl Scout leader, etc. They are also dedicated community volunteers, super moms and dads, and all their children are above average. You get the point.

But we have only one deer hunter. That would be Jana Jonas Lane, a mostly-quiet and reserved young lady who runs our circulation department. If you get the magazine by mail (as most of our readers do) then you can thank her, because she manages our 43,000-name mailing list.

Jana and her husband Jim have two young daughters, so you can imagine how busy she is. She occasionally likes to do a little hunting, but Jim teases that she "shoots like a girl." He hasn't said that for a week now.

The story goes like this. All the local hunters east of Yankton have been watching and waiting for a big 5-point buck that appeared on game cams in the Jim River valley over the summer. The whitetail was very cagey, and wasn't often spotted in daylight.

On opening weekend of the East River season, Jana spent a few Saturday hours in the cold and howling wind, wondering why she wasn't indoors with her two little girls, Rain and Rose. She saw a few does and a big buck with a broken antler, but eventually she went home to warm up.

Sunday dawned with a shining, warm sun. The wind was down and pheasants were cackling. Geese were flying overhead. "It's amazing what sunshine will do for the soul after a cloudy day," she said. "I saw a couple of does pass through our CRP and I looked over and saw a really nice buck as he was headed into a tree line." It was the big Jim River buck!

She says her heart started racing, and she told herself to relax and be ready. Minutes passed but he didn't reappear. Meanwhile, a second buck walked by. It stopped to watch something. Then a doe appeared and crawled through the fence between a pasture and trees. The second buck chased after her.

Jana heard crashing sounds and saw a blur of motion in the switch grass and big blue stem. Eventually, the big buck appeared. He paused about 150 yards in front of her.

Then a young buck came along. It looked at Jana and slowly walked into the trees. A fourth buck came along, chasing after a doe, and they disappeared into the tree line.

Jana took aim at the 5-pointer, through the scope of her .308 Remington, and fired. Just like a girl. She got the Jim River buck.

She's not a braggart, but nothing's stopping the rest of us from telling everyone we can.


04:39 pm - Mon, November 28 2011
Maria Atkinson said:
Congratulations!!!! Enjoy the thrill of accomplishment. Great story!
04:46 pm - Mon, November 28 2011
Shannon Hirsch said:
I continue to be amazed by you Jana!! Nice job! I love that you always seem to get a bigger deer than " the boys:)"
04:49 pm - Mon, November 28 2011
Taylor Hirsch said:
You go girl!! Awesome animal!
05:56 pm - Mon, November 28 2011
Chris Lane said:
I am still jealous you shot the deer I was going after. Very proud of you!!
06:53 pm - Mon, November 28 2011
Tina said:
Wahoo! Way to go Jana! You're so Awesome! What a great example to your girls that "us girls" CAN get it done!
09:59 pm - Mon, November 28 2011
Cody Juttelstad said:
Congrats on the very nice buck.
02:47 am - Tue, November 29 2011
Donna & Rodger Harts said:
Congratulations on your buck! He is a beauty. You are going to have to take your dad and Rodger out for a few lessons. Enjoy your success.
05:48 am - Tue, November 29 2011
Ed Goss said:
OK Jana, here's a story for those 43.000 readers of the gal you got the big one. Really a nice buck, good luck in future seasons so keep us posted when you get a bigger one. I think those big bucks helped move the archery folks to your area.
07:05 am - Tue, November 29 2011
Katie said:
Wow, Jana! Why didn't you tell me about this :)
08:08 am - Tue, November 29 2011
Emily R said:
Nice shot Jana! I hope I can get one like that next weekend over in Bon Homme County.
08:28 am - Tue, November 29 2011
John Andrews said:
I'll be expecting venison chili at the next office potluck.
09:35 am - Tue, November 29 2011
uncle Dan said:

Way to go Jana.
09:51 am - Tue, November 29 2011
Jana said:
Thank you everyone for such nice comments! Ed you're right and we have seen more reaching maturity the last few years. Emily- I know there are big deer where you are hunting. Good luck! I am always willing to bring venison chili but next time maybe we can skip telling Roger there is zucchini in it.
09:53 am - Tue, November 29 2011
Wow....Nice goin' Jana..."gratulere"
10:18 am - Tue, November 29 2011
John Lane said:
Jana at least you are going in the positive direction with size of your deer. Your one from last year wasn't to bad either, who knows what next year will bring for you but if this year is any indication what to expect. I think next year will even be better for you good luck.
10:21 am - Tue, November 29 2011
Cassie Medricky said:
Very nice buck Aunt Jana!!! He definitely makes Dad and Rogers bucks look like little fawns haha!! Loved the pics you sent over Thanksgiving of you, the girls, and your buck definitely good ones for the photo album, or to brag to Jim put a big picture on the wall! lol! Love ya! Awesome Job!!
11:19 am - Tue, November 29 2011
Tracy Lane said:
Congrats, Jana! Show the boys how it's done!
11:52 am - Tue, November 29 2011
Tracy Raab said:
You Rock Jana!! Just sayin...!!!! Congrats!!
04:13 am - Wed, November 30 2011
Val Novak said:
Way to go Jana. Your mom sent me a email so I could read your story. Way to show the "boys" the "girls" can do it.. NICE JOB, Val
12:05 pm - Wed, November 30 2011
Laura Lane said:
shooting like a girl! the only way to do it. great job!
05:14 pm - Wed, November 30 2011
Judy Lane said:
Great job Jana. Way to show the guys how a girl can shoot.
05:55 pm - Wed, November 30 2011
Dave Hunhoff said:
Good job, but I'm not surprised as you can do whatever you set your mind to do. Now you need to mount that buck and hang it over your desk at SD Magazine.
08:47 pm - Wed, November 30 2011
Jim said:
We really appreciate all the positive comments on this but really there is a lot more to the story.

One of the reasons Jana hunts today is the Karolevitz’ allowed her first deer hunt to take place next to an apple orchard. Bob was gracious and Jana was successful and elated.

The trees you see in the trophy picture attract and shelter deer and other wildlife to a place where they were seldom seen when I was a kid. We hunt in the fall but enjoy it all year. An unexpected reward I’m sure Jana never anticipated when she weeded the seedlings by hand years ago.

When Rose tells her mom we should make a “ton” of jerky or John suggests chili we are reenacting one of the oldest human rituals. The feast to celebrate a successful harvest.

Agriculture has become less labor intensive. Rural residents have less contact with each other. The rising deer populations have brought together friends, family and neighbors in a common pursuit. It gives us a sense of community that might otherwise slip away.

Vi Waln wrote, “rejoice in each sunrise”, in her excellent column this week. When you shiver through predawn in a deer stand you and all of nature around you do exactly that.

My wife is a good hunter. Not just because she is a careful shot and kills big deer but because she appreciates all these things and more.

We are thankful to live in a place and time where we can have these experiences and enjoy them with others. That’s why I will continue to babysit so she can hunt.
06:52 am - Thu, December 1 2011
Rebecca said:
Very well said, Jim.
06:56 am - Thu, December 1 2011
Barb said:
Way to go Jana!!! Congrats on your successful hunting harvest. Loved Jim's message. I'm thinking he needs to do some writing for SD Magazine.

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