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Along with writing cowboy poetry, McNaught also creates custom leather belts, wallets and chaps from his ranch near New Underwood.
Along with writing cowboy poetry, McNaught also creates custom leather belts, wallets and chaps from his ranch near New Underwood.

Slim's Pickings

Apr 28, 2011

Even if you didn't grow up on a ranch, Slim McNaught's cowboy poetry is bound to make you crack a smile. We wrote about his CD Reminiscin' in our current issue. One of the tracks is called "Tom Cat Wreck." It's the story of how McNaught once got bucked off his horse when a cat jumped from the haymow and dug its claws into the mare. That's bad enough, but McNaught landed face first in a fresh cow pie.

Here's a short excerpt explaining what happened when the ruckus caused other colts in the barn to bolt:

So I flopped back down, tryin’ to squirm into the ground,
‘cause them colts was now trompin’ my frame
And to add insult to hurt, they pushed my face in the dirt,
right back in them cowpie remains.
Now, the skin has grew back and the breaks are intact
and the years have brought out the humor
But ‘til that cat was gone, we did not get along
and if you hear I like cats, it’s a rumor

McNaught lives on a ranch near New Underwood, where he operates a custom leather business. Here's a link to his website.


04:45 pm - Sat, November 26 2011
C.Olsen said:
Just saw you on BYU tv..and wanted to say I really enjoyed your story and especially your ability to write poetry. My cousin twice removed..was a cowboy on the Chisom Trail from Caldwell Kansas down to Texas and back thru the Colorado. He wrote a book about his experiences..His name was Oliver M.Nelson. He was 93 when he passed away. His family went from Kansas on the Oklahoma Land Rush and settled in Hennessey Okla..
Thank you again for sharing a part of your story with us all..
Cretia Olsen in Centralia Washington..
02:39 pm - Mon, June 2 2014
Janice & Frank Molina said:
We so enjoyed watching the Story Trek episode about you and your poetry and leather works. Nothing more enjoyable than the life stories of everyday folks. Thanks for sharing.

We live in Tucson, Arizona. Live in the city, but sure wish we lived on a ranch!
10:42 am - Wed, November 23 2016
Jerry Fitch said:
Seen you on "The Story Trek" and enjoyed it and your interesting life!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and family!
04:02 am - Tue, August 23 2022
Carrie said:
How can I get the book of your poetry I was a farm girl and love horses I also love your type of poetry please let me know where I can buy one. Thank you 🙏🏻
12:13 pm - Thu, December 22 2022
Fred Weidner said:
How can I get your books of your poetry and your CDs. We are a ranch couple and raised thousands of horses/cattle and love Cowboy poetry. We also love your type of poetry. Please let me know where I can buy your stuff. Thank you, Fred Weidner

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