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06:16 am - Tue, July 12 2011
Rebecca said:
Pretty shocking, isn't it? Plus, I don't think the migrant workers are treated or paid well.
07:34 am - Tue, July 12 2011
Katie said:
I thought it was shocking, and sad! But I have a feeling it's only a matter of time before change will come. First people have to be informed.... I feel books like this will help.
01:53 pm - Tue, July 12 2011
Laura said:
Yecch. I knew supermarket tomatoes were not good (and quit buying them several years ago for that reason), but I didn't know why until now. Appalling.
08:36 am - Fri, July 29 2011
Elizabeth said:
I have always known it was better to grow your own and canning is fun and rewarding once you get into it

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