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Fast, Loud and Proud

Racing in South Dakota is a family affair, both for the drivers and those who love the speed.

The Trainer from Marcus

Bud Boudreau is changing the way we herd sheep.

Tongues in Granite Cheeks

Mount Rushmore was born out of patriotism and pride, but can’t we have a little fun with it?

The Respectful Shepherd

Sentel Schreier believes sheep are Biblical creatures that deserve more appreciation.

A 66-County Tree

Pandemic isolation led to a statewide odyssey to celebrate the holidays.

This is Our Family

Sioux Falls’ Middle Eastern community adopts a Thanksgiving tradition — and each other

Warriors First

Why descendants of Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull are ardent defenders of today’s USA.

Pilgrimage for the Soul

Seven sacred sites have provided strength to the Lakota people for generations. Could they do the same for a despairing schoolteacher?

Desert or Not?

The answer is blowing in the wind.

The Joys of Farm Toys

How the little town of Wakonda became the hub for toy tractor collectors.

Pine Needle Basketry

Hot Springs artist Trisha Blair shares the ancient art of coiling.

Our Goat Renaissance

Cattle will always be king, but South Dakotans are learning to love a small, versatile animal with personality to spare.

Making Dignity

The story behind Dale Lamphere’s monumental tribute to indigenous culture. Photo by Chad Coppess

The Modern Storyteller

Donald F. Montileaux is breaking new ground by writing and painting the stories he heard as a child.

The Cowboy’s Artist

Tony Chytka adds an insider's touch to his Western art.

400 Roses

Kristine Reiner’s art career bloomed with the gift of unwanted roses.

Crow Creek Christmas

Christian and Native beliefs have blended here since the 1860s.

Retracing Roads to Our Round Barns

We circled South Dakota to see how the architectural treasures are faring.

The Rally Ritual

A local writer’s tour of the world’s wildest bike rally. Photo by Ron Linton

Jazz on the Prairie

America’s music has found a home in the heartland.

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