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Accidental Rancher

Eliza Blue never dreamed of a life on a Perkins County ranch, but the stories in her book show us why she feels right at home.

Form First

Ward Whitwam made his mark in South Dakota through iconic rest stop tipis and beautiful urban architecture.

Lakota Games on Ice

Reviving ancient fun on Lake Mitchell.

Oscar Howe’s Protégé

Bobby Penn became one of America’s leading Native artists. Photo by Don Doll.

A Sun Dance and Maka Waconi: Circle of Life

A ritual of camaraderie and sacrifice. Photo by Michael Randall.

Dressed for Calving

Lessons learned on a Spink County farm.

A Song for the Season

December 23, 2019
Music from Eliza Blue puts South Dakotans in the holiday spirit.

Blizzard in a Small Town

How a howling blanket of gray fell upon the city of Freeman

Lake Legends

History and mythology abound in our Glacial Lakes. Illustrations by Jim Pollock.

Field of Dreams

Revisiting an emerald gem in Redfield.

Galen Wallum displays a few of the paintings he pulled out of his pickup trailer.

High in the Saddle

Wall’s cowboy artist Galen Wallum paints a vanishing breed.

Why South Dakota?

English writer Fraser Harrison contemplates his magnetic relationship with South Dakota. Photo by Christian Begeman.

Colin Kapitan (left) reffed countless high school and college football and basketball games.

This Isn’t Yankee Stadium

The day Yankton’s Colin Kapitan quit umpiring baseball

Spooklight Road

An unexplainable light has puzzled Miner County residents for generations.

Music From Home

September 19, 2018
Jami Lynn joins childhood friend Derrick Lawrence for a musical return to the Sisseton hills.

Inspired by a Prairie Garden

September 11, 2018
Eliza Blue stepped into an iconic painting and came out with a song. Photo by Christian Begeman.

A Voice for All Genres

August 22, 2018
Erin Castle shines fronting folk and punk rock bands — or all on her own.

A Man and His Guitar

July 19, 2018
Jake Jackson and guitars are a match made in heaven.

Naming Jett

A boy from Pierre is connected to his ancestry through a traditional Native American ceremony. Photo by Keith Hemmelman.

Cultivating a Listening Culture

June 13, 2018
Mike Linderman’s musical footprint is evident in the Southern Hills.

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