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Randy Halverson's 'Sub-Zero: A Winter Night Time Lapse' has received national attention.
Randy Halverson's "Sub-Zero: A Winter Night Time Lapse" has received national attention.

A Farmer’s Pictures

May 19, 2011

Today we stumbled upon the website of Randy Halverson, a farmer from Kennebec whose photos and videos of South Dakota's night sky have been shared around the world.

Halverson raises corn by trade, but does time lapse photography as a hobby. He describes it as the opposite of high speed photography. The exposures are long, and when replayed at a normal speed things appear to move faster. He has shot storm clouds, cottonwoods and the Milky Way passing over a cornfield. The video that's gotten the most buzz lately is his "Sub-Zero: A Winter Night Time Lapse." Halverson braved 25-below wind chill to create a 2 minute, 43 second video of the night sky, featuring the constellation Orion passing overhead.

National Geographic called his videos "jaw-dropping." Watch and you'll understand why.


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