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Video: Sub Zero in South Dakota

Feb 2, 2012

Lyman County farmer, Randy Halverson, was featured in our current issue of South Dakota Magazine for his stunning images of South Dakota's night sky. His keen eye and sophisticated equipment allow him to capture details that are rarely seen by the naked eye. His favorite technique is long exposure photography, which is then incorporated into time-lapse videos.

Almost a year ago to this date, Halverson set up his camera near his Kennebec farm during a brutal cold snap. Wind chills plunged to 25 below zero, and Halverson had to regularly place his cameras and computer equipment in coolers filled with hand warmers to keep frost at bay and the electronics functioning. The starry sky, low wispy clouds racing across the horizon and frozen landscape, illuminated by the bright white light of a full moon, created an eerie scene.

You might want to put on an extra blanket before you watch it.

To see more of Randy's videos, visit his website, DakotaLapse.


10:40 am - Fri, February 3 2012
linda popkes said:
Wow! Turn up the sound--this is an awesome video with a South Dakota in winter, flavor!
03:45 am - Thu, February 16 2012
Kevin Wright said:
Yes, WOW is right, I love it !!!
07:43 am - Sat, March 3 2012
Kristina Jarvis said:
What a beautiful video showing the beauty of winter, stars and perfect music. Love it!

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