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May/June 2017

Joseph Montana, Ivan Brownotter and other Native American veterans keep flags on a hill above Rock Creek. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.


200 Years a Town: Born in the the earliest days of Dakota's frontier era, Fort Pierre has a history of throwing parties. 

Dynamite Girl: Unlucky Helen Sieler survived Sioux Falls' Powder House explosion of 1936.

The Art of Growing Grapes: Cold-hardy vines thrive on the South Dakota prairie. [read more]

A Capital Opportunity: Pierre's iconic Treasury Inn is a neoclassical gem.

Warriors First: Native Americans' rich history of military service is on display on the Standing Rock Reservation.

Deadfall at Ree Heights: Archaeologists hunt for answers at an ancient buffalo kill site.

Park of Peace: Spirituality meets sustainability at Rapid City's newest greenspace. [read more]




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