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Michael Zimny

Arts and Culture Columnist

Michael Zimny is the social media engagement specialist for South Dakota Public Broadcasting in Vermillion. He enjoys traveling and writing about the people and places of South Dakota. Zimny writes about the arts and culture for the South Dakota Magazine website.

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A Tradition of Stewardship

August 4, 2021
Generations of Boy Scouts have tended the lonely grave of an infant buried in the Badlands.

Clams of Buffalo Gap

June 16, 2021
Remains of an ancient seaway are scattered throughout the grassland.

Peninsula Paradise

March 3, 2021
Grass, water and sky abound at the Missouri River’s Little Bend.

Badlands Fast

January 27, 2021
Long-distance runners are creating new challenges in western South Dakota.

Petrified Giant

December 8, 2020
The almost forgotten petrified tree of Perkins County.

The Windmill Man

October 7, 2020
Mike Moeller keeps these prairie relics of the past spinning.

The Show Goes On

September 2, 2020
Wild Bill and company keep shooting it out during the pandemic.

A Bridge for the Black Hills

August 5, 2020
The landmark Keystone Wye interchange was built with the forest in mind.

A Quiet Paddle

June 8, 2020
You'll see wildlife aplenty along this little-traveled stretch of the Cheyenne River. Just watch out for barbed wire and sandbars.

Off-Trail in the Badlands

May 6, 2020
The White River Overlook is a popular stop on the Badlands Loop Road, but the more adventurous can explore even further.

Exploring Deer Haven

April 8, 2020
The remoteness of the Badlands provides ample opportunity for socially distant travels.

The Ghost Forests of LaFramboise Island

March 4, 2020
A study in ecological transition.

A Creative Utopia in Aberdeen

January 9, 2020
How a coffee shop shaped an artistic community.

The Utopia That War Built

December 4, 2019
Igloo was created to house war materiel, but it also fostered a diverse community.

Grottos of South Dakota

November 6, 2019
A German Catholic tradition brought to the Midwest.

Feeling the Bern in Roscoe

October 3, 2019
Politics meets art on a small town street.

A Pheasantless Huron?

August 8, 2019
The future of the World’s Largest Pheasant could be in doubt.

A Bunch of Bull

July 3, 2019
Two unique landmarks anchor Miller’s main street.

Hidden Trails

June 5, 2019
Two little-known hiking excursions explore the wilderness just beyond the urbanity of Rapid City.

Embrace the Funk

May 8, 2019
Skunks aren’t so bad, so here are some tips to help welcome them to your backyard.

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