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Michael Zimny

Arts and Culture Columnist

Michael Zimny is the social media engagement specialist for South Dakota Public Broadcasting in Vermillion. He enjoys traveling and writing about the people and places of South Dakota. Zimny writes about the arts and culture for the South Dakota Magazine website.

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Badlands South: Corner-to-Corner

November 1, 2017
Hiking the lesser-traveled portion of our vast national park.

Painting Hay Camp

October 4, 2017
Early Rapid City through the eyes of Grace French.

Exploring the Other Badlands

September 7, 2017
Cedar Butte, in the remote South Unit of the Badlands, is well off the beaten path.

Art, Violence and Poker Alice

August 2, 2017
Are the holes in a Deadwood painting really from Poker Alice’s shotgun?

Brimming With Enthusiasm

July 11, 2017
Brad Montague has perfected the art of Western hat making in Belle Fourche.

Richard Papousek s Outhouse Museum is the newest attraction in Colome.

The Scent of Colome

June 7, 2017
Richard Papousek’s Outhouse Museum is the town’s newest attraction.

Our Conspicuous Monuments

May 3, 2017
The border between the Dakotas is marked with quartzite.

A Lost Monument

April 5, 2017
If Pierre’s not the geographical center of North America, then where is it?

Mementos of a Missouri River Atlantis

March 1, 2017
Depression-era sculptures from American Island accentuate Chamberlain’s downtown.

From a Vision

February 1, 2017
Anthony Horse Road is reviving the tradition of Lakota doll making.

Finding the Silent Guide

January 4, 2017
A lonely sentinel in Haakon County.

The Strangely Familiar World of Andrew Kosten

December 7, 2016
Even if you don’t know this Brookings artist, you might recognize his prints.

The Luthier’s Life

November 2, 2016
Strings and wood become instruments of beauty in Josh Rieck’s hands.

Birth of a Brewery

October 5, 2016
Sioux Falls’ Fernson Brewing Company is the newest in a growing list of South Dakota beer makers.

The Story of the Grass Dance

September 7, 2016
How a traditional art form came to be, and how it is sustained.

All Roads Lead to Wall Drug

August 3, 2016
Barry Knutson’s colorful and clever signs point travelers in the right direction.

From Lagos to Lemmon

July 6, 2016
Two artists travel thousands of miles to celebrate South Dakota’s Boss Cowman.

Chainsaw Masterpieces

June 1, 2016
Dahl’s Chainsaw Art carves out a piece of South Dakota.

The Horse Years

May 4, 2016
Wayne Porter wraps up another winter's work on his horse on the hill.

From Guadalajara to Ciudad del Agua

April 6, 2016
At Carlos and Esther Vega's Mexican mini-chain in Watertown, Brookings and Sioux Falls, the flavors may be Guadalajaran, but the ambience is all Tonalá.

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