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Michael Zimny

Arts and Culture Columnist

Michael Zimny is the social media engagement specialist for South Dakota Public Broadcasting in Vermillion. He enjoys traveling and writing about the people and places of South Dakota. Zimny writes about the arts and culture for the South Dakota Magazine website.

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Linda Meyer creates pottery in a solitary Black Hills cabin.

The Puritanical Potter

November 4, 2015
Linda Meyer lives a solitary, creative life in the Black Hills.

Rosebud’s Voice

October 7, 2015
Frank Waln’s music provides hope for Lakota youth.

The Ultimate Survivor

September 2, 2015
The life and legend of Hugh Glass comes alive in a new sculpture and an upcoming major motion picture.

Flute Master

August 5, 2015
How Bryan Akipa keeps a Native musical tradition alive.

Michael Zimny is a native of suburban Chicago, but has found a home in South Dakota s prairies and badlands.

Finding Home in Flyover Land

July 14, 2015
South Dakota Magazine’s newest web columnist took a circuitous path to South Dakota.

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