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Christian Begeman

Photography Columnist

Christian Begeman grew up in Isabel and now lives in Sioux Falls. When he's not working at Midcontinent Communications he is often on the road photographing our prettiest spots around the state. Follow Begeman on his blog,

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Metalsmithing is hot work. Click to enlarge photos.

A Trip Back in Time

June 11, 2012
Fort Sisseton Historical Festival brings the Dakota Territory of the 1860s back to life.

The North Fork of Shadehill Reservoir. Click to enlarge photos.

Grand River Grasslands

May 28, 2012
It doesn’t get much better than spending a late May weekend drinking in the fresh air and wide open spaces.

Sunset over a bend in the Missouri River, which borders the park.

Into the Woods

May 14, 2012
The woods and waters of Union County's Adams Homestead attract a rich array of wildlife.

Multiple exposures of Palisades State Park s night sky were layered and adjusted to create this photo. Click to enlarge photos.

Following the Star Trail

April 30, 2012
Capturing the course of stars as they spin around the night sky is a lesson in patience.

The Booming Grounds

April 16, 2012
The Fort Pierre National Grasslands are a great spot to watch male prairie chickens woo their hens.

Cow Pies and Wildflowers

March 30, 2012
The passion to hunt down South Dakota's state flower can drive a man to do crazy things.

Winter's End

March 19, 2012
Catching the last bits of winter and the first hints of spring in South Dakota was Christian's photography mission recently.

Night Lights

March 8, 2012
Capture the movement of nighttime scenes with a little camera know-how.

The "Aha" Moment

February 20, 2012
Our hobbies and enthusiasms open doors for change to come into our lives.  

Near Reva, South Dakota. Click to enlarge image.

Prairie Spires

February 6, 2012
A lone country church set against a vast prairie sky is an inspiring sight.

Bear Butte is sacred to the Lakota and Cheyenne.

Butte Country

January 23, 2012
The lonely beauty of West River buttes. 

A September sunset near an old barn in Sioux Falls.

Our Old Barns

January 9, 2012
Old barns take on new meaning when chore time involves a camera.

Elk in the early morning light at Wind Cave National Park.

Early Winter Wildlife

December 30, 2011
Increase your chances on spotting South Dakota wildlife from your car.

Frost and Flurries

December 12, 2011
When taking pictures of early winter scenes, hoar frost can be your friend.

Badlands Morning

November 28, 2011
The rewards of witnessing a sunrise in the Badlands are worth the discomfort of a little lost sleep.

Fast Football

November 15, 2011
Using time lapse photography, Christian Begeman condensed last October's football game between SDSU and NDSU down to two minutes.

An abandoned house can conjure up stories of past joys as well as hard times.

Visions of the Past

October 31, 2011
Abandoned farmhouses and barns may be eyesores to some, but for Christian Begeman, they are bittersweet pieces of history.

Black and White Magic

October 21, 2011
Our visual reality is in living color. Knowing this, a good photograph needs to have rich, true colors to catch one’s eye to make the image work… or does it?

Chasing Fall Color

October 5, 2011
Taking good fall pictures is not as easy as it might seem. Christian Begeman shares his tips. 

Taken about 8 miles south of Salem, SD in late August.

The Stars Above

September 19, 2011
It takes time and patience, but the rewards of capturing the starry hosts and being humbled by them are worth every minute of lost sleep.

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