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Homestake’s Pit Ponies

Horses lived and worked deep underground.

A Historical Treasure Hunt

The long lost ledger of the 1st Dakota Cavalry is coming into the 21st century.

Alcester’s Music Man

DeeCort Hammitt’s music was played around the world, but “Hail, South Dakota” was his gift to the state he loved.

Finding Frank Ashford

Troy McQuillen is the latest Aberdonian exploring the mysteries that surround Brown County’s most famous artist.

The Lost 74

A barber in Brookings, a trucker and hundreds of other survivors keep alive the memory of sailors who died on the Frank E. Evans five decades ago.

The Violinist and the Sculptor

Dorothy Comstock Ziolkowski Moreton dramatized South Dakota’s first half-century, performed with the Boston Symphony, and helped launch a Black Hills institution known worldwide. Then she disappeared from history — almost.

Always on Our Minds

Jack McCall gained infamy for killing Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood, but his legend lives in Yankton.

Rocky Road

The Spearfish Canyon railroad is long gone, and nearly forgotten.  

Stories Beneath the Stones

Young researchers are uncovering the stories of soldiers buried in South Dakota’s national cemeteries. Photo by Buck Lovell.

Larger Than Life

August Klindt was a giant among the men of South Dakota.

Goodnight, Mrs. Pierre

Her radio voice was a godsend to rural families in the West River wilderness.

The Little Giant of USD

For 70 years, Bill Farber wielded a guiding hand.

The Ironman Governor

Frank Farrar was South Dakota’s winningest ex-governor.

West Friends

The newly-restored Friendship Tower atop Mount Roosevelt is a lasting tribute to the friendship between a president and a Black Hills lawman — and the land they both cherished.

From Coach to Congress

Kennebec’s Jim Abdnor was a leader on the baseball diamond and inside the U.S. Capitol.

The Real Hero

American children learned about the World War II heroics of Rapid City’s Kenneth Scissons through the colorful panels of comic books.

Saving the Graham House

Blunt’s connection to Abraham Lincoln is in danger of being lost.

Our Case for History

Historian Leland Case’s spirit can be felt in certain South Dakota places.

The Last Lakota Code Talker

How Clarence Wolf Guts of the Rosebud Reservation fooled the Japanese.

Judging a Junk Man

“Because some can live on what others waste.”

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