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Photo by Chad Coppess of SD Tourism.

Fly-fishing in the Black Hills

September 11, 2013
Catching memories at Pactola Dam.

Photo by Doug Jorgensen.

A Bad Rap for the Red Fox

May 20, 2013
These cunning hunters can be found all over South Dakota.

It will never be known for sure if Denny Jensen plucked the right three stones from an old rock pile, but the placement of these three evokes the star-crossed lovers of Arikara legend.

Pollock's Three Stone Idols

A group of Campbell County stones tell an old Arikara love story.

Black Elk Wilderness Area, named after the
Oglala Sioux Holy Man, was designated a
wilderness area in 1980. It encompasses
10,700 acres, including Harney Peak, highest
point east of the Rockies, which rises 7,242 feet
from the Wilderness center. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.

Quiet, Beauty and Snow

Black Elk Wilderness Area visitors feel perched between heaven and earth at this sacred Lakota spot in the heart of the Black Hills.

Mallards were the prize one bitterly cold day in Jerauld County. Photo by Christian Begeman.

Old Timer On Skates Outshoots Them All

October 23, 2012
A Wessington Springs duck hunt turned fowl when a wily "hunter" arrived on the ice.

A bull elk bugles in Wind Cave National Park. Photo by South Dakota Tourism.

Nature's Buglers

While in the Black Hills this month, listen as bull elk make one of nature's most distinctive sounds.

Mystic Mountain Run

July 20, 2012
Western South Dakota's longest-running race still challenges runners over 40 years after its inception.

The hill country surrounding Cottonwood Slough in northeast South Dakota is sparsely populated.

The Cottonwood Slough

Roberts County's 5,400-acre stretch of lakes, marshes and potholes is a natural treasure.

Gray wolf photo by Tracy Brooks/U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

South Dakota's Killer Wolf

One of South Dakota's most cunning and bloodthirsty outlaws terrorized Harding County on four legs.

Boundary Walker

In his eighties, Emmett Bennett climbed the highest peaks in 12 states, biked across two states, and set new records in five Senior Olympic events. To unwind, he walked the borders of South Dakota.

The Hidewood

This range of hills between Estelline and Clear Lake hides a colorful history.

Wild and Civilized

Do wild horses have a civilization? The question arose when Bernie Hunhoff visited a herd of mustangs on the Cheyenne River Reservation.

The Island Mesa

Author Mike Randall explores a landscape full of spirits in Harding County.

The Missouri: A Strong Brown God?

Old-timers are comparing this year's disaster to 1952, when the river experienced a "spring rise" in April that caused a frenzy of rescue efforts somewhat like we've experienced this year.

Nine Mile Lake

Shaped by glaciers. Rounded by time. Preserved by the people of Marshall County.

The Old Swimming Hole

Warm water and rare plants make Cascade Falls a unique place to take a dip.  

Working Dogs

Children are fewer and hired hands are hard to find, but a South Dakota rancher can always depend on a stockdog.

Eating Wild Cactus

Wild plants like the prickly pear cactus have served many purposes.

Exploring Gilley's Grove

History and unique plants highlight this Brookings County treasure. 

The Roghairs

The Last Chokecherry Picking

Who knew picking chokecherries could be so dangerous?

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