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Our Zucchini Cook-off

September 1, 2011
We were all winners in South Dakota Magazine's zucchini cooking competition.

Capt. J.B. Irvine was stationed at Fort Sully from 1867 to 1874.

Rediscovering J.B. Irvine

August 31, 2011
We were visiting my wife’s parents in Letcher last Christmas when my mother-in-law asked if I’d ever heard of J.B. Irvine.

Chad Coppess is the senior photographer at the S.D. Department of Tourism.

Our State Photographer

August 30, 2011
Photographer Chad Coppess travels year-round to photograph our state's attractions, historic sites, landscapes and wildlife. 

Dr. Ken Blanchard is a professor of Political Science at Northern State University and writes for the Aberdeen American News and the blog South Dakota Politics.

Civilized S.D. Politics

August 29, 2011
Like my friend Cory Heidelberger, I was delighted when South Dakota Magazine invited me to contribute a column. 

Checking out Hot Harley Nights in Sioux Falls.

South Dakota Adventurer

August 26, 2011
My parents taught me an early appreciation for the beauty of our state — kicking off a lifetime appreciation for South Dakota's outdoors. 

Encouraging Visions

August 25, 2011
My first South Dakota home was a farmstead near Junius. In 1978, this was a Little House on the Prairie dream come true for a girl who grew up in Chicago apartments. 

This quiz was NOT open-book.

Job Ready Since ‘92

August 24, 2011
I started working at South Dakota Magazine in September 2007, but you could argue that I had been preparing for a job here since 1991. That was the year when, at age 12, I finished a 300-page book on my home state.

Cory Allen Heidelberger writes the Madville Times blog and teaches French at Spearfish High School.

So You Think I'm a Leftist

August 24, 2011
South Dakota Magazine has invited me to contribute a “From the Left” column. I am honored to answer that call... but I wonder: Is there a “left wing” in our state?

Vi Waln is Sicangu Lakota and an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Her columns were awarded first place in the South Dakota Newspaper Association 2010 contest.

Note from Rosebud

August 23, 2011
I will be sharing a Lakota perspective about my life on the reservation with the readers of this online magazine. I hope my contributions to this publication it will help our readers learn a little bit more about the Indian tribes of our state. 

Horses in a pasture just off Highway 65 near the Moreau River, south of Isabel.

On the Road

August 19, 2011
Welcome our new photography web columnist, Isabel native Christian Begeman.

Different in Good Ways

August 19, 2011
Meet our managing editor and food columnist, Katie Hunhoff.

Civil War Mystery Solved

August 17, 2011
Civil War veteran Jacob Franklin Kinna has lain nearly forgotten in an unmarked grave in Yankton Cemetery for 118 years.

Exploring Spirit Mound

August 10, 2011
It’s been almost 207 years since Lewis and Clark headed for Spirit Mound after camping just below the Vermillion bluffs. 

Prisons, Flood and Cancer

July 25, 2011
C.S. Lewis wrote, “We read to know we’re not alone.” So we all need to do more reading. Or we could put the books down and reach out to neighbors trapped in their various prisons.

Bernie, Emma Lou and the rhubarb torte at the 2011 Hunhoff picnic.

Bernie's Favorite Dessert

July 22, 2011
The Hunhoffs have been gathering for a Fourth of July picnic for over 20 years. Culinary-wise, it's the highlight of the summer. 

Potato Creek Johnny s famous gold nugget (left) and the Icebox Nugget.

Together One Last Time

July 21, 2011
This weekend could be the last chance you’ll ever have to see the two biggest pieces of gold ever found in the Black Hills side by side.

Rita s pea salad.

Easy Summer Salad

July 19, 2011
Today I ate lunch at the Open Door in Menno. It's been years since I've visited the tiny, pretty town located near the James River. My dad told me that people used to come for miles around on Sundays to drink a cold beer in Menno's very popular beer garden, which was more like a back alley than a garden.

Zucchini Brownies: Hold the Eggs

July 18, 2011
Bakers have bombarded the South Dakota Magazine office with phone calls after reading the feature in our July/August issue about our office zucchini cook-off. Departments Editor John Andrews submitted a recipe for zucchini brownies, a dish that doesn’t exactly feature the vegetable but may be one of the tastiest ways ever devised to get rid of a cup or two. Seasoned bakers believe we made an ...

JazzFest Melts Sioux Falls

July 15, 2011
Sioux Falls’ weekend of hot weather and hot music is here! JazzFest kicked off last night in Yankton Trails Park with headliners Indigenous and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Hot Springs' Square Thinker

July 13, 2011
People believed for centuries that the earth was flat. Hot Springs businessman Orlando Ferguson thought it was “square and stationary,” and believed it so vociferously that he delivered a series of lectures on the topic and printed maps to visualize his idea.

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