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Tabor's Beseda Dancers proudly showcase their dancing. Photo by Chad Coppess, SD Tourism.
Tabor's Beseda Dancers proudly showcase their dancing. Photo by Chad Coppess, SD Tourism.

Polka Time in Tabor

Editor’s Note: This story is revised from the May/June 2009 issue of  South Dakota Magazine. To order a copy or to subscribe, call 800-456-5117.

Leonard and Mildred Cimpl were Czech Days staples. The Tabor couple helped organize the summer bash for over 61 years. They only missed one. That was the year they married. "At our place we live Czech Days year round," Mildred said when we talked to her in 2009.

It takes careful planning to piece together a three-day festival that brings over 5,000 people to the town of 400. There are polka bands to schedule, dances to rehearse and kolaches to bake. Fortunately plenty of bakers are available to prepare the Czech pastry. An assembly line of women roll dough, bake it and add apple, cherry, prune, poppy seed or cottage cheese filling. "Between selling and eating," they go through about 2,100 dozen, Mildred said.

Polka music is everywhere, even in church. At the polka mass, traditional songs are re-written with religious lyrics and sung in English and Czech. And there's always an accordion dance band at Beseda Hall.

The most colorful part of Czech Days is the Beseda dancers, who perform the 19th-century Czech balloroom dance in traditional costumes. "In Czechoslovakia, every little village had their own costume," Mildred explained. "You could almost tell the village by the skirts, or the boleros." In Tabor, women wear a red skirt, white blouse and black bolero, and men were black pants, a white shirt and red vest.

Tabor has a museum, a cafe and historic St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church. And even if you miss Czech Days you can still order fresh kolaches; local women take orders to make at home.

In 2013, Czech Days will be held June 20-22. For a look at past festivities in Tabor, visit our Czech Days photo gallery



06:03 pm - Tue, May 26 2015
Jane Niesner said:
The name says : CZECH DAYS !! will be there at least one person who speak czech ??? because (frankly speaking) you people are very lazy to learn that
great language !! Mrs. Jane
02:53 pm - Sun, April 3 2016
Olivia said:
Jane Niesner,

Czech Days is about enjoying a culture. Not about bashing people who do not speak the language. Drink some pivo and chill out.

06:04 pm - Wed, June 14 2017
Jaroslav said:
ty jsi primitiv Olivia.....podle tebe je "culture" drinking beer ? (asi je) , podle mne je to vzdelavani a jakakoliv nauka o stare vlasti !! co ty vis o Ceske republice ??
(kolace a polka ?-- to je vse ?) jaka to ostuda !! zdravi te Jaroslav
08:58 am - Thu, March 7 2024
louise preston said:
Wheb will the Czech Days be held in Tabor this year 2024? Also do you know anyone that will make and ship Apple struedle to me. I am willing to pay for it and shipping. thanks Louise Preston. My late husband and I visited Miloda Spry several times. Her parents and my husband's Great grandparents came to America together .Louise Preston

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