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Bernie Hunhoff

Editor & Publisher

Bernie started the magazine in 1985 after working in the newspaper business in South Dakota. He has been stuck on gumbo trails in Lyman County, been hissed at by rattlers at Porcupine and forced to eat everything from lutefisk to roast goat. It's all part of the job of publishing South Dakota Magazine.

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Spink: Open For Business

May 9, 2011
To insiders in southeast South Dakota, the tiny "map spot" called Spink is a diamond in the rough. Here at South Dakota Magazine, we became fans of the town in the summer of 1992 when we spent a day there with Myrtle Twedt, then the town matriarch. 

A Waterfall in Union County?

May 4, 2011
East Union Creek's waterfall may be one of the prettiest sights in Union County, but it's also one of the hardest to find.

Yankton, South Dakota s 1903 post office was closed by the USPS in January 2012.

Post Office Deserting Downtowns

March 30, 2011
Nobody likes the USPS any better than the gang at South Dakota Magazine. Everything we write and photograph and design would be for naught if not for the post office's ability to get it from the printer to your mailbox.

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