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Bernie Hunhoff

Editor & Publisher

Bernie started the magazine in 1985 after working in the newspaper business in South Dakota. He has been stuck on gumbo trails in Lyman County, been hissed at by rattlers at Porcupine and forced to eat everything from lutefisk to roast goat. It's all part of the job of publishing South Dakota Magazine.

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Saddle-ite Service

January 14, 2013
Can you hear me now?

Thank Albert  Red  Zarecky for some of the fun children s exhibits and activities at the South Dakota Discovery Center in Pierre. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.

Thanks, Red

January 9, 2013
Thanks for the fun times in Pierre. Wish we could've known you better.

Students at Sacred Heart Elementary in Yankton sang songs of the season. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.

The Bottum Line on Wisdom

December 20, 2012
Hot Springs writer Jody Bottum's message came to mind at our holiday concert.

Remembering the Preacher Politician

October 22, 2012
George McGovern was the son of a South Dakota preacher man. He lived a wild life, and America is the beneficiary.

Pheasant season generates plenty of excitement for outdoorsy South Dakotans like this bunch of Gregory County hunters. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.

Do You Remember Opening Day?

October 11, 2012
The approach of pheasant season brings back memories of feathers and fun.

Can anyone identify this mystery publication...or its cover girl?

We Weren't First?

August 22, 2012
A brief history of publishing magazines in South Dakota.

Bustling downtown Yankton, circa 1903. The Fantles department store is on the right. Photo courtesy of the Yankton County Historical Society.

Fantle's: The Big Store

August 14, 2012
Before the mono-sterile "big box stores," retailing was fun. Especially if you had a Fantle's in your town.

45,000 THANKS

August 7, 2012
What's the most important ingredient to a successful magazine?

Pennington s grave is in the Oxford Cemetery in Oxford, Ala. Photo by Gary Conradi.

Discovered: A Missing Governor

June 26, 2012
Perhaps he wasn't the nicest fellow. Maybe he wasn't the most honest politician. But he deserves better.

Nata Jones: a modern-day immigrant who likes catfish.

King of the Prairie Waters

May 18, 2012
One early pioneer writer said it was "catfish and gold" that gave folks their start in South Dakota.

Can Fishermen Be Trusted?

April 25, 2012
Game, Fish and Parks has good intentions, but don't they trust the anglers of South Dakota?

Sioux Falls is nice to have around, but it isn t the epicenter of prairie life. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.

A Sioux Falls Bias?

March 30, 2012
Thirty percent of South Dakotans live in the Sioux Falls metro area, and some of them think the rest of the state is biased against them. Could it be true?

The new Lakota Studies building at Sinte Gleska University in Mission, South Dakota. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.

Black Elk Was Right

March 23, 2012
New Census Bureau stats indicate that Lakota holy man Black Elk was right about the seventh generation.

This illustration by Jennifer M. Kohnke originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune.

Humbly Fourth in the USA

March 16, 2012
Why was the Chicago Tribune so mad when pollsters declared South Dakota just behind Hawaii, Colorado and Tennessee as the best-liked state?

The Next Ethanol

February 20, 2012
Ethanol led the way for bio-fuels, but it's about to be upstaged in Redfield by a new kid in the cornfield.

Ethan Needs Us

January 11, 2012
Losing your town's last restaurant is always sorrowful, but the Thills — and their customers in Ethan — deserve better than this. Maybe we can do something about it.

Pierre's Paper Soul

January 10, 2012
Prairie Pages Bookseller of Pierre overcame the harrowing flood of 2011 to become South Dakota Retailer of the Year.

Danger: Thin Ice

January 6, 2012
Ice? What ice? South Dakotans are getting wet and it's January.

The Excelsior Mill, built in 1872, was one of Yankton s biggest pioneer industries, supplying tons of flour for the Black Hills miners, Indian agencies, upriver forts and easter markets.

Oldest Beer Joint in South Dakota

December 15, 2011
Enjoy a cool brew in one of South Dakota's oldest commercial buildings, the Excelsior Mill on the river in Yankton.

Technology: Friend or Foe to Rural South Dakota?

December 13, 2011
South Dakota probably needs just one bank, one post office, one church and one school thanks to modern technology. But that would likely lead to just one town, and a lot of unemployed and unhappy people.

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