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Bernie Hunhoff

Editor & Publisher

Bernie started the magazine in 1985 after working in the newspaper business in South Dakota. He has been stuck on gumbo trails in Lyman County, been hissed at by rattlers at Porcupine and forced to eat everything from lutefisk to roast goat. It's all part of the job of publishing South Dakota Magazine.

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Turbines fill the horizon in Hyde County.

Wind Won't Be Stopped

December 9, 2011
South Dakota has trailed other states in wind energy development, but there are reasons for optimism.

A Stereotypical Plainsman

December 7, 2011
A man who embodies the wisdom of the prairie.

Lewis & Clark Lake 10 miles west of Yankton near the boy scout camp.

Yes We Can. No You Can't.

December 1, 2011
The Corps of Engineers came to Yankton and demonstrated why government is floundering in the 21st century.

Our Circulation Director Jana Lane got the 5-point buck that folks from the Jim River valley have been watching since this summer.

She Shoots Like a Girl

November 28, 2011
We're proud of all the staffers who help publish this magazine, but our quiet circulation director has really earned bragging rights.

Three young walkers try out the Meridian Bridge on its reopening day as a footbridge.

Walk On Water in Yankton

November 23, 2011
The Meridian Bridge makes possible a 12-mile loop that will guide hikers and bikers past quaint restaurants, farm fields, eagle roosts, a sailing marina and forested river bottom.

Are you prepared for another South Dakota winter?

Sioux Falls Without a Shovel

November 21, 2011
One of my brothers recently moved with his wife to Sioux Falls to live in a townhouse on South Tomar Road, and I'm worried about him.

The Empty Bowls banquet raised $7,300 for Heifer International in just a few hours.

Empty Bowls is Quite Fulfilling

November 18, 2011
Brookings folks gathered at the United Church of Christ on 8th Street last night for the eighth annual Empty Bowls banquet. 

First Lady Charms South Dakotans

November 17, 2011
Laura Bush gave the keynote address at Wednesday night's 30th annual Law Enforcement Banquet in Sioux Falls, and she charmed the 1,700 South Dakotans in attendance.

Fishing Report from Pickstown

November 16, 2011
The salmon of the Dakotas are migrating southward, thanks to the big flood of 2011 in the Missouri River valley. Katie and I stopped for breakfast last Friday at Fort Randall Bait and Tackle in Pickstown (very fine omelets, by the way). Of course, you can't eat at a bait shop without asking about the fishing. 

Yankton Paid a Price

October 21, 2011
Would Yankton be the capital city of South Dakota today if our forefathers would have behaved themselves?

Diane Sawyer on the Rez

October 11, 2011
This Friday night, ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer will report on the plight of young people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Glorious autumn weather mixed with the music, foods, antique machinery, exhibits and games, delighting the thousands who came to the pioneer town that has been constructed over the years.

Menno Pioneer Power Show

September 26, 2011
The little Hutchinson County town of Menno held its 25th annual Power Show last weekend. Photos by Bernie Hunhoff.

Sigel Cemetery is no Boothill because there are no hills for many miles around. This is flatland country, and in wet years the rich black soil swells and sinks, causing the heavy gravestones to heave and lean.

Straightening the Stones

September 22, 2011
Parishioners of St. Agnes Parish of Sigel, a little Catholic congregation north of Yankton, gathered in the cemetery last weekend to straighten their ancestors' gravestones. Photos by Bernie Hunhoff.

Prisons, Flood and Cancer

July 25, 2011
C.S. Lewis wrote, “We read to know we’re not alone.” So we all need to do more reading. Or we could put the books down and reach out to neighbors trapped in their various prisons.

Gentlemen, Crank Your Engines

July 8, 2011
Today is the kick-off for the slowest procession on wheels — The Tri-State Iron Association's annual ride.

P&D/Kelly Hertz photo

Flood News

July 7, 2011
We're not enjoying the flood all that much in Yankton County, but it has made reading the morning newspaper more interesting than ever.

Berry with his greyhound at his side, gazing over his Badlands ranch.

The Cowboy Governor

June 27, 2011
Charisma and money are the top qualifications for getting elected to high political office these days. Historians wonder whether some of our best leaders of yesteryear would have been able to serve in our YouTube world.

Karolevitz: Rose to the Challenge

June 20, 2011
Way back in the 1960s, a bunch of 4-H kids gathered at Pine Acres 4-H Grounds in Yankton for our annual meeting. We enjoyed our moms' potluck casseroles and then some guy with a crewcut got up to speak.

The First Song to the Flood of 2011

June 16, 2011
South Dakotans in the way of the river have been too busy sandbagging, moving furniture and — in a few cases — blaming the Corps of Engineers to find time to reflect. But not everyone.

We're Back!

June 9, 2011
Hopefully you've missed South Dakota Magazine's online presence. Well, here we are with a new look and some new content.

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