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Zucchini Brownies: Hold the Eggs

Jul 18, 2011

Bakers have bombarded the South Dakota Magazine office with phone calls after reading the feature in our July/August issue about our office zucchini cook-off. Departments Editor John Andrews submitted a recipe for zucchini brownies, a dish that doesn’t exactly feature the vegetable but may be one of the tastiest ways ever devised to get rid of a cup or two.

Seasoned bakers believe we made an error in printing the recipe because it doesn’t include eggs. He freely admits he’s not an expert in the kitchen, but it’s no mistake. When you combine the ingredients, the mixture will be quite dry, but as it bakes the zucchini releases moisture. The result is a rich, fudge-like brownie.

Some bakers have told us they’ve added eggs anyway, which is fine. The brownies will be lighter, more like a chocolate cake.

For the brownie recipe or the other five cook-off recipes, call the magazine office at 1(800)456-5117 to purchase a copy of the July/August issue or click here.


01:17 pm - Mon, August 8 2011
Jennifer Starks said:
I was sceptical about the lack of eggs as well. I bet I read the recipe 6 times and finally thought, "Okay, SD Magazine, I'll do it your way and when it's awful, I'll write you a letter!"

Instead, let me tell you what a delicious dessert it is! My husband, a picky chocolate lover said "You can make these again!" It's lasted almost a week and the frosting is just as soft as when I first spread it. It's been fun share with others, especially if you know they don't like zucchini!

I haven't made any of the the othe recipes, but have the amounts shredded and frozen for future use. Thanks for the recipes!

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