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Esther Aspaas and Dorothy Fellows competed for Miss Absaroka in 1939.

The State of Absaroka

Redrawing our borders would have left us without the Badlands, Black Hills and Mount Rushmore.

The Original Badger Hole

South Dakota nearly lost our beloved poet's first Black Hills cabin.

Pettigrew's Redemption

Might a sculptor vindicate Sioux Falls' forgotten father?

The Muskegon Disaster

Remembering a deadly storm on Big Stone Lake.

The Roghairs

The Last Chokecherry Picking

Who knew picking chokecherries could be so dangerous?

King Ziegler's Car Farm

Alfred Ziegler's 30-acre self-serve salvage yard near Scotland attracted car restorers from all over the world.

History Hunters

Can we stop the illegal artifact trade?

A Sheepherder Named Gilfillan

Archie Gilfillan was South Dakota’s sagebrush philosopher. His prairie wit en­tertained people in the ranching areas of Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and South Dakota through the Great Depression.

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