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Seeing crocodiles, alligators and other wild beasts in action is part of the fun at Reptile Gardens. Photo by Chad Coppess of South Dakota Tourism. Click to enlarge photos.

Rapid City Reptiles

July 31, 2013
See the crawling, squirming creatures people love to hate at Reptile Gardens.

A National Park Service employee points to the double-locked red box that concealed the code and keys for a missile launch at the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. 2007 photo by Paul Higbee.

The Mystery of a Missile Silo

A West River historic site preserves South Dakota's role in the Cold War. 

Dayle Tibbs Angyal says visitors to the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center enjoy the exhibits and a chance to sit on a harmless bronc. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.

Central South Dakota's Playground

March 13, 2013
River fun and rodeo history are big draws for Fort Pierre visitors.

City officials erected a monument celebrating Belle Fourche s status as Center of the Nation, but the real spot lies north of town. SD Tourism photo.

Our Nation's Exact Middle

January 16, 2013
The heart of America lies in a pasture near Belle Fourche.

Cuthbert  Old Papineau  DuCharme s trading post was the first structure in Geddes Historic Village. Photos by Bernie Hunhoff. Click to enlarge.

A Village Begun by Old Papineau

Geddes historian Ron Dufek is keeping Charles Mix County history alive at the local historic village.

Chance Encounters of a Rural Kind

No map is required to find some of South Dakota’s best treasures — they’re as close as the nearest roadside mailbox.

South Dakotans are accustomed to running into old acquaintances, celebrities, and even buffalo at Al s Oasis in Oacoma. Click to enlarge photos.

Cities at the Crossroads

Twin towns welcome travelers where I-90 meets the Missouri River.

Did Jesse Jump Devil's Gulch?

Pondering the Jesse James legend is just part of the fun of visiting Split Rock Creek near Garretson.

Crazy Horse: Pointing to the Future

On a pilgrimage to the Black Hills, one South Dakota native found mountainous inspiration in a dream taking shape near Custer.

One of Iron Mountain Road s distinctive pigtail bridges. Photo by Chad Coppess. Click to enlarge photos.

Iron Mountain Road

Peter Norbeck's winding route in the Black Hills is one of America's most scenic drives.

Photo by Chad Coppess of S.D.Tourism.

The Capitol's Blue Stones

February 8, 2012
Traveling to Pierre this legislative session? Keep an eye out for bits of bright blue.

Leaving Tracks

Phillip Hammes recalls experiencing the South Dakota plains from a rumbling boxcar in the early 1980s.

Photo by Greg Latza.

The Great Tradition of Wall

Wall mixes ice water, entertainment and big ideas.

Poinsett's Enduring Charm

People have been drawn to this lake for centuries — only the tools and toys have changed.

Backpacking Sage Creek

Photographer Carl Johnson traversed the Badlands for three days without a human encounter.

The Old Swimming Hole

Warm water and rare plants make Cascade Falls a unique place to take a dip.  

Nine Mile Lake

Shaped by glaciers. Rounded by time. Preserved by the people of Marshall County.

Life in Isabel

Other South Dakota towns have heard the last bell, seen the last yellow school bus and cheered the last touchdown. But life goes on; the latest example is Isabel in northern West River.

Buffalo Ridge Resort

Gary's School for the Blind is now a top-notch resort.

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