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Bernie Hunhoff

Editor & Publisher

Bernie started the magazine in 1985 after working in the newspaper business in South Dakota. He has been stuck on gumbo trails in Lyman County, been hissed at by rattlers at Porcupine and forced to eat everything from lutefisk to roast goat. It's all part of the job of publishing South Dakota Magazine.

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Christmas for White Swan

December 24, 2019
Shelly Saunsoci and Yankton students help turn a troubled season merry in Charles Mix County.

Don Crouse and his clown family.

Goodbye to the King of the Clowns

November 23, 2016
Don Crouse of Watertown led family and friends in an inspiring effort to make us laugh.

Pat Adam: Classy's the Word

June 27, 2016
To most of us, she lived in her brother George's shadow. But Pat Mickelson Adam was an amazing South Dakotan in her own right.

The street sign reads  Gettysburg SD, 1,410 Miles.  The two towns are closer by heart than by highway.

The Three Gettysburgs

Our strongest link to Pennsylvania.  

The early days of Amon Ortman s amazing Canistota clinic.

Chol and Amon

July 9, 2015
Chol Atem and Amon Ortman were born 100 years and 7,500 miles apart. But they share the same ideal for South Dakota.

Dixie Lemme has a message for the world.

"Look At Me"

June 16, 2015
Dixie Lemme isn't joking for once. The comedian has a serious message.

McGovern and Humphrey are remembered well at the Viborg museum.

Museum Politics in Viborg

May 14, 2015
Just showing up makes all the difference.

Barack Obama comes to South Dakota on Friday. We are the 50th state he has visited in his presidency.

Welcome, Mr. President

May 5, 2015
We only wish you had the time to drive from Watertown to Belle Fourche, the center of the USA, to see more of a state that could live with or without Washington.

Stephanie Arne, host of Wild Kingdom.

South Dakota's Wildlife Ambassador

April 30, 2015
Stephanie Arne credits her Pierre and Brookings schooling for launching an unforeseen climb to the top of nature broadcasting.

Turton: Food, Frogs and Philosophy

March 18, 2015
Turtonites remind us of all that we love about small towns.

Which Way Did They Go?

March 17, 2015
We're losing a colorful part of our West River ag heritage.

Pioneer Girl, the brutally honest 1930 autobiography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, is topping  best seller  lists.

South Dakota's Best Seller

March 2, 2015
South Dakota has a best seller on its hands, and you can thank some nice people in Pierre.

Even our office dog, Yeller, is ready for Spring.

Talking Late Winter

February 23, 2015
Weather conversation is trickier this time of year.

Margaret Hunhoff, with her great-granddaughter Laura — a seven-year-old poet.

This Magazine's Roots

January 19, 2015
Celebrating the 91st birthday of a prolific poet and columnist.

Russia's Gift to the Dakotas?

October 7, 2014
We knew that would get your attention. But it's for real, at the West River History Conference.

The Penningtons, First Family of Dakota in the 1870s.

Our Forgotten First Lady

September 5, 2014
Amanda Pennington has rested in an unmarked grave for 130 years, but that changes on Sept. 10.

Granite markers divide the 360-mile border between the two Dakotas.

Who Owns Them?

August 22, 2014
The U.S. government put them there, but who actually has ownership of our unique boundary markers?

A tornado devastated Wessington Springs on June 18, 2014. KELOLAND News photo.

Newspapers & Tornadoes

August 1, 2014
The value of old-fashioned wood pulp in an ever-changing world.

Interested in Some Web History?

July 29, 2014
South Dakota Magazine writers were among our state's first bloggers a decade or so ago.

Tom Sawyer, as we found him at Deerfield Store in 2005.

End of the Deerfield Chapter

December 20, 2013
Tom Sawyer and his sparky wife Sherrill suffered a great loss in 1972 and Deerfield was never the same.

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